“Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor.”


Becoming a CEO

Whether we are coaching an entrepreneur looking to start his or her next company or an employee at a large Fortune 500 company, two questions that we are often asked are, “How can I feel empowered in my work?” and “How can I accomplish the goals I set out for myself and always show up authentically?”

Each client is unique and the coaching relationship we have with each client takes on a life of its own. To help guide our clients to the answers that work best for them, We have created these Coaching for Leadership Modules below as examples of some of the topics we may cover over the course of a coaching engagement.

Many leadership development and coaching programs look at the task at hand, and then organize their programs around accomplishing that task. That is not our approach. We look at what drives you as an individual, and we help you find your core passion. Connecting your core passion to what you do will result in your ability to discover how to accomplish not only the task at hand, but all future tasks as well.

Coaching for Leadership Modules

Team of Consciousness™

Understanding your Team of Consciousness™ – Who in your life will take a stand for your authentic voice? Who will get you “out of bed” when you’re feeling down? Who will jump aboard and help maintain your momentum when you’re on a roll? How do you stay vulnerable and open to meeting these people in your life? How do you acknowledge them, and how do you activate them? When you are in an elevator, are you looking down and texting…or open to meeting and recognizing a new member of your Team of Consciousness?

Authentic Personal Mission Statement

Developing your Authentic Personal Mission Statement – What is your driving force? Why do you do what you do? Are you on the right track, tangential to the right track, or completely off-track when it comes to your values and goals? Such fundamental questions are rarely simple to answer, but once your mission is discovered, life decisions and directions take on more meaning, simplicity, and clarity.

Stories that Drive You

Breaking down the Stories that Drive You – We all have stories, habits, and preconceptions that make up who we are and how we behave, for better or worse. The key here is identifying them, understanding them, and being able to change them…a daunting task when most of us don’t even know how to recognize them, and a hugely rewarding process once we do.

Perspective Shifting™

Perspective Shifting™ – Having a hard time understanding why your co-worker is loving his or her job but you’re not? Can’t figure out why your partner doesn’t understand you, or why you won’t forgive yourself for something? Do you react to things too quickly or wish you could do something that you’re just not able to accomplish? This module gives you tools to learn how to shift perspective, whenever you desire. A Perspective Shift allows you to approach whatever it is you want to approach through a different lens, often freeing up those things that are holding you back.

Dancing With Work™

Dancing With Work™ – This module is for you if you have been counting the days until you leave your job, but you feel scared and unsure about how to actually take the leap. It’s also for you if you have left your job already, and are unemployed and looking for the next thing.  Ultimately we will work together so you can find ways that you can Dance With Work, whether it be with your current job or a new one.

Holding Your Own Space™

Holding Your Own Space™ – In the frenetic world we live in, we often forget to just take care of ourselves.  Ultimately you can’t give to anyone else, or anything else, if you don’t first give to yourself.  In this module, we work together to find those day-to-day things you can choose to remind yourself to look inward first and foremost.