One quality of Heart Thinking means we understand the purpose behind what we do, and who we are. Once we as individuals can articulate the purpose of why we are here, we lay the foundation to understand what we need to accomplish anything we set our minds and our hearts to address.


Once we understand our Purpose our Drive is easy to harness. ¬†Often we get it backwards and we attempt to focus on what it means to lead or what it means to accomplish something but we don’t have the drive to attain what we desire. The moment we identify our authentic purpose our authentic Drive follows.

Executive Presence

Executive Presence is a natural outcome of understanding where your confidence is inside you. That confidence can more easily be found once you also have your Purpose and Drive to back it up.


Leaders are individuals who speak their vision, speak their mind, and understand how to enroll others to accomplish the tasks set out for them. Leaders can exist at every level of an organization, and should. When someone walks into a room and understands who they are and what they contribute, they then walk in with authentic confidence, with drive and purpose and those elements are what make up a leader.


It’s simple, when you are able to focus on what you want, and create goals around it for yourself and your team, while also allowing for each member of your team to feel their own sense of purpose, then it becomes much easier to accomplish the task at hand, the vision you hold and the work your organization needs done.


The result, is success. It’s that simple.